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Hannah launched Gut Retreats in 2016 and they ignited Hannah’s love for teaching and educating people how to live a happier life by predominantly making food your healer.

Since the first three day Somerset Retreat, Hannah has hosted one day retreats and week retreats with Bodhimaya and Petersham Nurseries, as well as a weekend retreat at Frankie’s Farm Shop in Kent.

Hannah also hosts regular online Gut Retreats and Courses, as well as Keynotes, Podcasts and Interviews.

Future Events

FREE How to Cure Your Acid Reflux Naturally Webinar

Wednesday 26th April 2023 | 8pm

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WYRD Wednesday Instagram Live Interviews

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The Web of WYRD depicts the connection of the fates. This is a complex interwoven symbol that is representative of the complexities of the fates. It is a representation of the past, present, and future. For the Vikings, the Web of wyrd was a reminder that their deeds not only affect the present but the future as well.

WYRD Wednesdays are The Gut Clinic’s new series of conversations with amazing individuals who are true purveyors of their game. These are intuitive humans who are making a difference in their environment, working towards a bigger picture for the greater good.

Through these conversations, Hannah will be talking to healers, writers, business start-ups, farmers, and fermented food companies – all of whom have a unique story to share about how they are making a positive impact in their field in their own personal way.

WYRD Wednesday Guests:

During this 4 week course you will learn which foods, lifestyle traits, and supplements heal the stomach and digestive tract.

Cure My Acid Reflux Naturally

What to expect:

Week 1

You will learn the basics of metabolism and digestion and how you can improve yours.

Week 2

You will learn how to supplement with food and increase the missing vitamins and minerals in
your diet.

Week 3

You will start to put a protocol in place for behaviour change and how to create a balanced life on your plate, in your home/work, and relationship.

Week 4

Write your plan – nutrition/lifestyle/

Love Your Gut

Hannah promotes healthy diet, but is not 100% plantbased or vegan. When the gut is well balanced, most of the things in our bodies flow naturally and at (p)ease ✨

For online events, once you have registered you will receive a password to gain access to the event, you can download Zoom for free.


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