Does juice cleanses really help with weight loss?

There is no staying power with people anymore like there was in the old days. Troubleshooting now is buying a new hairdryer or game console or iPhone when they stop working (or when we can’t work them). Gone is the will to find out the inner workings of something or save a quid or two. So instead, we toss possessions into the plastic conveyor belt of destruction and just keep buying new stuff!

This brings me to the staying power of a person who picks up a juice cleanse in desperate need of losing a few pounds. Most people can get through 10 days of something that is mildly tricky, but after 10 days, you still have a hairdryer or game console that still doesn’t work.

If you consistently put less food into a fully functional body with a working metabolism, good basal body temperature, one that sleeps 8 hours, laughs at life and self, exercises to sweating, have a good poo on waking and perhaps another one in the day, eats meats and plants from the land, in season, then that body will indeed find that they will lose weight.

Juice cleanses that go into unfunctional bodies often can backfire and cause adverse effects on the way. What is not happening for sure is a detox process. Yes, you can argue that you are detoxing from all the processed Deliveroo and its vast carbon footprint you accumulate like toxins in the body, but that’s all you are doing. Plus, your liver kindly, without you asking, detoxes for you everyday. Think of your liver as your best friend.

So is it a bad idea? No, it’s not a bad idea to want to be healthier, but if you have to use a juice cleanse for the very reason to lose weight, then the issue is that your physiology is off, it’s on holiday, and it’s not serving you, and no amount of green juice will!

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