A great breakfast fro any day of the week to boost your flourishing microbiome.

G UT   B O O S T E R:

This is a breakfast for any day of the week all you need is to get creative and give yourself the time you deserve to have a calm and nourishing breakfast!

How to do it!

On a light heat add one desert spoon of coconut ? oil into a pan ?Crack 4 eggs 

Keep the oil moving and the heat very low

Grate fresh turmeric on the eggs as they cook

Grate courgette on top of the eggs (x1)

Place a lid to steam out the eggs and courgette

Once cooked carefully place into a ceramic bowl. Around the bowl add the following. ?Smoked mackerel

Cherry tomatoes X 6

Spinach a handful

Piccalilli X2 tsp

Avocado 1/2

?Hummus 2 tbs

Sauerkraut 1 desert spoon

?Eat slowly, chew each mouthful for optimum digestion! Savour all the flavours and eat with a friend and with love and gratitude! #gutlover #love #guthealth

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