Have you got the gut for happy hormones?

Have you got the gut for happy hormones?

Did you know that hormonal symptoms can mimic digestive issues?

When you get no results from chasing hormonal issues where do you turn?

What does a hormonal imbalance mean anyway?

Often patients are dismissed as being difficult or hypochondriacs and when HRT, supplementation, creams, and injections don’t work, and you’re still left feeling fed up and fatigued what are your options?

Do you feel like you are chasing your tail and are only creating more stress?

Digestion plays an important role in determining overall nutritional status and health. Hormones are made from the food we eat and food will do one of two things; hinder or heal. If digestion is suboptimal then even the best healing food will lack the potential for optimal wellbeing as the nutrients will struggle to be utilized and converted for energy. If a person has poor digestion then they are likely to struggle with assimilation and this can lead to malabsorption and potential ill health. A gastrointestinal system that has issues anywhere along the tract can have complications and implications that extend further than the digestive system.

Here is how you can balance your digestion and hormones.

  • Reduce and manage stress
  • Create the cephalic response
  • Support liber function
  • Maintain health blood sugar
  • Support your micro biome with good bacteria
  • Optimise digestive secretions
  • Eat a varied organic and seasonal diet

So when chasing hormones no longer works perhaps it’s time to look at your digestive capabilities.

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