GI Ecologix: The essential test to tell you what’s going on within your gut.

GI Ecologix: The essential test to tell you what’s going on within your gut.

The essential test to tell you what’s going on within your gut!

Look after your gut once and for all. No more unattainable fitness and diet plans that set you up for failure. Instead, some listening to your body, getting back to basics and sorting out your well being once and for all.


All these symptoms steam form your gut and I can help you change that!

Test in the comfort of your own home and have a Nutritional Consultation with me and get to the root cause of what’s been bothering you and put in place a fail-safe plan to achieve a happy head and a happy gut!

Invest in you by investing in your gut!

This test comes with nutritional consultation and a nutritional plan based on your results. Includes what foods to eat which diet to follow, lifestyle changes, supplementation and herbal protocol.

GI EcologiX™ is the ultimate gut health and microbiome stool test using qPCR & ELISA technology to provide a comprehensive analysis of the GI ecosystem and chronic disease-related microbial (bacteria, yeast, parasites) markers, which are backed by the clinical literature, alongside host health markers.​

It is a chronic disease-centric profile, replacing acute microbial markers and those routinely tested for in healthcare systems.

The science ensures you gain data that is personalised and consistent, enabling meaningful clinical output and the ability to confidently compare two sets of results from the same patient.​

Needing just three swabs from one sample, this is a simple and easy home testing kit.


  • 7 x health markers to assess inflammation, immune function, digestion, gut barrier health, and occult blood
  • 63 x microbial markers including markers related to IBD, mucin degradation and gut barrier impairment, SCFA production, SIBO, H. pylori, dysbiosis, inflammation
  • Support materials and resources
  • 1 hour Results consultation with bespoke nutritional and supplement protocol
  • A 20 minute follow up 4 weeks later

Sample type: Stool
Turnaround time: 15 working days
Lab: Invivo Diagnostics

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