Online Group Programme – Restore Your Metabolism in 12 weeks

Online Group Programme – Restore Your Metabolism in 12 weeks

Find your perfect weight, balance your hormones, find a functional Gut and improve your work-life balance.

It includes:

  • Initial consultation over Zoom and form intake
  • Private group in Facebook for messaging, support and information
  • Facebook Group and personal support
  • Copy of The Best Possible You


I have designed these online group programs for you so that you can once and for all find your perfect weight and be happy.

You will also balance your hormones if they are out of balance as well as improve your work-life balance. Gut health is paramount to this course and you will experience better digestion as the weeks go on.

I want to empower you so you get your health to where it is designed to be because you deserve to be the best possible version of your self and I know that takes support. The great thing is you will be with a group of like-minded individuals all looking to improve not only nutritional health but mental and emotional health too.

A group provides a level of support and knowledge that you can’t get by yourself. You immediately have friends and allies in the pursuit of overcoming what you have previously struggled with.

Come and join in the success and fun.

Next course start dates: 

  • Monday 8th January 2024 – Choose from Lunchtime 12.30pm or 5pm Evening Sessions

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