Bloaters with black pudding and garlic greens

Not a common breakfast option but then most people aren’t nutritionists and this is just how I eat!

I have recently started a barter system with a client, not premeditated at all it just evolved. I often bring goose eggs to the house or an ostrich egg if I can find one! In return I get rhubarb from the allotment, Walnuts form Andreas, vogue, country life and Donna hay magazines etc,

So I was over the moon to receive bloaters in exchange for stinging nettles!

What is a bloater?

Succulent whole Herring cold smoked over oak in our brick kiln ovens in the traditional way. 

The Bloater is a less salty and less intensely flavoured cousin to the kipper with a slightly more “gamey” flavour. 

Where can I buy bloaters?

You generally have to order them as they are not everyone’s cup of tea or in great demand.

Try here

Tag me in instagram with your bloaters or kippers or herring!


What you will need:

2 bloaters

gluten free black pudding

Spring Greens, kale or Cavelo Nero

3 Garlic cloves

sat salt and black pepper

coconut oil

1 medium white onion

1 Heritage tomato

What to do:

What to do with your bloater:

The bloater will need gutting and then washing before either grilling or frying!

I decided to fry mine as I have a new le Creuset casserole dish and no grill and its lockdown so I’m using it a lot and I am stronger for it.

On a low heat with some coconut oil, onions and garlic I placed my bloaters and attentively turned making sure the skin did not stick.

I threw in some spring greens and more garlic and finished it all off with a black pudding because you just cant have a fish of this caliber without a black pudding!

Say what you will, I love them just as much as you all love your vices!

Serve with a glass of champagne or Prosecco if you’ve run out and and sip delicately in the sun!

I had bloaters for my 40th birthday at the beginning of lockdown! It was a birthday I had certainly not expected but as you can see form the photo below I made the most of it!

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