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Some people keep alcohol in their houses, and some do not. Which one are you?

When I speak to clients in consultations, I can quickly ascertain if people are drinkers or not. Maybe I know so many and have had a lifetime to see some of the traits of drinkers. A quick look at someone’s social media page tells a tale of whether that person is someone who keeps alcohol in their house or doesn’t.

Just because you don’t wake up in the morning and reach for the vodka bottle doesn’t mean that you are entirely dependant on alcohol.

I remember my 18th birthday and getting drunk and telling everyone no one understood me! I’m not sure much has changed. The effect of alcohol was wild! I also got drunk at a school disco and threw up. I was sent to the school hospital and banned from county hockey the next day. I was mortified; how unjustified, was this supposed to be a lesson? Well, I never did it again.

We all snuck out from where we were supposed to be once. We’ve all said we were at the cinema when in fact we were up to no good and then forgot to research what the film was about! duh! We’ve all pushed the boundaries to see where we are comfortable and where we fit in.

How does this change as we get older? Have we learned from our mistakes, or are we still playing them out, unsure of our boundaries?

Who’s said I’m not drinking this week only to be holding a glass of sauvignon blanc at 6 pm on a Monday?

If there is one issue that my clients struggle with, it’s two glasses/drinks every evening problem! A habit but also a problem.

I’ve found that it’s the support that gets you out of the trap of this behaviour! Change the routine and not the reward. Since when did alcohol become a reward for a hard day’s work? It’s crazy and selfish when you think about it. We are rewarding our bodies with poison.

The Gut Liver Axis:

Alcohol is absorbed in the upper intestinal tract and enters your liver via the portal vein. Everyone has bacteria in their guts, and these bacteria help metabolise alcohol, which may be why we all feel different after alcohol.

Drinking consistently, no matter how much, causes excessive inflammation in the wall of your gut lining, making it more permeable.

Too much alcohol plays havoc in your gut. You may find you could tolerate certain foods before, and now you have symptoms. The main problem with over alcohol consumption is that you become a human fermentation kit!

  • Bacterial overgrowth
  • Dysbiosis
  • Compromised gut microbiome
  • Constipation

And last but not least, the primary cause of weight gain, if you are functioning alcohol, is that you drink far too much alcohol. So if you want to lose weight, stop drinking so much. You will do yourself a world of good mentally and physically.

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