Top Tips for Surviving the Festive Period

When you are mentally, emotionally, psychologically stressed, your digestive system takes a backseat.

This means that you may not be digesting your food as well as you usually do because your body is in a state of stress, and therefore it is more important to keep you going making sure you’ve got adequate energy than dealing with breaking your food down.

So, here are some things that you can do over the next 30 days to provide yourself with some damage control.

  1. Take a daily dose of milk Thistle, especially if you’re an alcohol drinker or if you are going to find yourself at the buffet table this Christmas.
  2. Find 10 minutes in your day to do some functional exercise, a squat, a lunge, a pull, a push, a press, skip a hop or a jump you choose. Will you do them every day in your life, so just put them into a routine for 10 minutes.

If weight loss is your goal, remember that alcohol carries loads of empty calories and creates an oestrogen dominance and a progesterone deficiency and gives the liver more things to do. All in all, these things again affect your digestive system, so if you’re going to drink alcohol throughout this month, make sure you’re eating protein and fat every time you drink.

You can also drink water in between every alcoholic drink. Often this doesn’t work – if you’re going to drink, you’re going to drink, so make sure before you go to bed you’ve taken some:

  • Chlorella
  • Probiotic
  • Vitamin C
  • NAC

All the above will help your liver detoxify the alcohol throughout the night.

Watch this video for top tips:

Top Tips for Surviving the Festive Period

Alternatively, head to my book, The Best Possible You, for your detox hangover plan at

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