Keeping your mind and body healthy and balanced

Become the best version of yourself. Experience a mixture of intensive coaching, group retreats and online resources to aid you in your wellness.


Invest in your health and wellbeing and transform your life.

Hannah listens to your symptoms and reads your signs through tongue analysis, nail analysis, a urine test, and your story.

Find your perfect weight, balance your hormones and improve your work-life balance with this online group programme.          

Work one on one with Hannah who’s aim is to educate people to get back to the basics and live a happy and plentiful life.

Investing in your employees health & wellbeing is one of the most important steps that any leader can make to transform productivity and morale.

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above and you want to make a big difference to your health and wellness and reduce your symptoms then Digestive Health Coaching has been designed for you.

Success stories

We’ve seen first-hand the power that good nutrition has had on our client’s gut health! See for yourself.

As I said on the phone Hannah does change peoples lives and personally everyone on this planet should at some point go and see a Hannah. (Human MOT service)
Simone Thomas
Thanks, Hannah - I learned more from you in an hour by Zoom than being an RN/ taking full nutrition course in college! Love the bone broth for protein, low cal, high ease.
Meg Brindle
Hannah’s knowledge of GI issues makes her a solid source of referral for my most challenging patients. Highly recommended.

Kieran MacPhail


I am here to help you become the best possible version of yourself

I look into peoples lives and listen to their stories. I look at their skin tone and facial hue, the quality of their hair, skin and nails. I ask them questions about their bowels and I interrupt all the time! It is the details that make all the difference – I am thorough because I care and because I am also not the first person to have been asked to help them with their health.

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If you suffer from the following then this is a 4 week course for you...

During this 4 week online course you will learn how to eat, what to eat, which supplements will support you and how your digestive system works!


Posture and Breath Workshop for Gut Health:

With Hannah Richards and Ben Rookledge, Osteopath and Martial Arts Practitioner.

Date: Saturday 13th April 2024
Time: 11 am – 4 pm 
Early Bird Ticket (up to 8th March): £75 (includes a fermented lunch)
Investment: £85 (includes a fermented lunch)
Where: Cornwells Farm, Sheephurst Lane, Marden, Kent, TN12 9NS

Our Posture and Breath Workshop for Gut Health is designed to offer participants a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between posture, breath, and digestive health. This workshop integrates knowledge from anatomy, physiology, and holistic wellness practices to empower individuals to optimise their gut health and overall well-being.

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Top 10 Digestive Health Tips - Download here

These tips have been designed to look at your nutritional, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.


Learn about how your body works, what is does and how you can heal it.

Gain more relevant information from the leading nutrition and life coach Hannah Richards. Learn the fundamentals of how the body works and bring yourself to the best possible version.

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