Have you got the gut for good skin?

Perhaps, the most fascinating organ of the body, the skin, is the body’s boundary. It’s a personal boundary between the internal and external world and its function, amongst other things, is to protect and serve the best possible you.

The skin is often not seen as an organ at all. But if it isn’t an organ, what is it?  We all have different skin, depending on our cultural make up, heritage, genes, etc. The skin you live in is as complex and clever as an encyclopedia, but only if you have the ability to read and understand what your own body is telling you.

It is said, the eyes are the windows to your soul and whilst that may be true, I like to think of your skin as the story of your life. Every little blemish tells a tale, every single scar hides a story. You may not realise, but your skin tells you everything that is going on in you, with you and for you. It’s like looking into a crystal ball of your past, present and future health. Sounds scary? I think it sounds exciting. Imagine if you possessed the knowledge to read your body, listen to it so you could make the right decisions for your own health. It would certainly save you time and money; visits to the doctor and numerous prescriptions, not to mention a small fortune invested in wheat grass and supplements.

You may not have thought about it before but your skin, its tone, the blemishes, the red flush butterfly cheeks, the yellow hue, the dark circles, the white heads the blackheads, the oil saturation all tell you about the underworld that lives deep inside your gut. Quietly working away in the ecosystem of your gut should live billions of bacteria but if your skin resembles some of the descriptions above then perhaps you are housing a hamlet of bacteria rather than a colony.

So how are the bacteria in you gut responsible for a glowing complexion? Well we can’t talk about your digestive system with out mentioning its trusted friend the liver and it’s all about that relationship that makes or breaks a glowing complexion. The liver is the filter of your bad habits and traits that you keep slightly secret and that your skin/ complexion does not. Your skin is like a road map of your organs and how healthy they actually are. Think of your liver like a hoover and your gut as the hoover bag, if your hoover can pick up the dirt of the floor or if your liver can filter the toxins successful into the digestive system via the hepatic portal system and the bag gets regularly emptied or you have regular bowel movements then this is a symbiotic relationship

We have been sold this idea that beauty relies on all the chemical products we layer on our skin with no consequence to what it is actually doing to the insides of our bodies.

We, as women have been told that beauty lies in the very products that we put on our skin, to look younger, not to age as quickly, to be more attractive to men and so on. And for men this paradigm is becoming more common as men look at women’s products as unisex these days and are beautifying themselves more than ever. What is happening to the beauty industry and why are we all so obsessed with how we look and how care about how we look.

So I am here to tell you that you will create beautiful skin, a sensational glow not by the products that you put on your skin put buy the way that you look after your gastro intestinal health, by what you eat by how you sleep the quality of water you drink, the happiness that you find and how you treat yourself and other people.

The skin in TMC is a window to your visceral health and can often tell you more than a set of blood chemistry results.

Beauty is created and natured within and just like you can not out run a bad diet you can not cover up bad skin with layers of petroleum based foundation. Have you got the gut for good skin?

Top Tips for gastro health to make your skin shine:

  • Eat a seasonal and varied diet
  • Drink water every day
  • Get to sleep before 11 pm
  • Don’t eat outside an 8 hour window
  • Eat foods that are polyphenols
  • Walk in the country side and lie on the ground
  • Take cold showers!

 Have you tried Essential GI? This ultimate supplement that helps you not only repair your gut lining so it can digest, absorb, assimilate and eliminate, but that also keeps out the toxins, pathogens, allergens and microbes from gaining access to the blood stream. Your gut is the centre of your universe so it makes sense to look after it as if your life depended on it!

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