What do your bowels tell me about the environment of your digestive system?

Your digestive system is like a roller coaster. Sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it goes slow and sometimes it completely stops. Your bowels have similar characteristics.

Having a peep into your poops may not be a pastime of many, but trust me, it is a beautiful way of making sure that your bowel health is in tip-top shape.

What you eat, who you eat with, when you eat and where you eat all make a difference in how your bowels may or may not come out with ease. This system is called the autonomic nervous system. On one side, you have the parasympathetic system (the rest and digest side), and on the other, you have the sympathetic nervous system (the tired and wired side). So, for your digestive system to be in tip-top shape and to eliminate mentally and physically, you need to be firmly on the parasympathetic side.

If you are in a consistent state of stress, then you may find that your roller coaster ride is a bit bumpy, a bit hard to pass and stops and starts with an urgency you were perhaps not expecting. The digestive system takes a back seat when stress is around as there are more urgent matters at hand for the body to address. Stress can often be a sign that you have run out of energy in the body. In addition, you may be experiencing symptoms of low thyroid conversion; hypothyroidism which can cause constipation. 

This lack of movement or motility through the tract can then see the onset of more pressing issues.

  • Endotoxins
  • Purification
  • Lipopolysaccharides and IBS type symptoms

Once this accumulation starts to happen, you begin to create an accumulative load of toxicity. 

Let’s look at the bowels in more detail and see what it all means.

Bowel state: Constipation:

What it looks like: rabbit droppings or sheep pellets

All the reasons above are why constipation can be a daily problem and due to a sluggish bowel where peristalsis (the muscle contraction ) is lacking, dehydration and fibre intake.

Bowel state: Large and complicated to pass

What it looks like: This may make a large splash

Bowels that are hard to pass and can cause pain, maybe even draw blood can be down to a diet that is heavy in dehydrated foods such as nuts and seeds, bars, protein bars, cereals and granolas. You also have the protein products that companies white-label or import from manufacturers in china where the ingredients are flawed and full of fillers that bulk the product up. The problem is as they do this, they cause digestive issues as these fillers are gut disruptors.

Watch out for carrageenan, protein powders, guar gum, xanthan, locust bean gum and Arabic gum. All these substances can cause your metabolism to slow and your digestion to be impaired. Also, soy lethicin, a highly processed ingredient because it’s genetically modified unless it isn’t.

Bowel State: Bowels that float

What it looks like: lighter than usual and floating

One of the most accessible states of the bowel to spot as they are hard to flush! Floating stools give me an insight into how you digest fats and whether or not you have a bile deficiency.

Bile is a bit like fairy liquid. It helps break down fat so it can be removed, easily digested. You cant wash a chicken roasting pan without soap, can you?

Bowel state: Dark, small and highly toxic

What he smells like: Toxic and deadly

We have all had times when you’ve walked into and then straight out of a bathroom. That’s because of the person before your needs some serious detoxing. They may have been on a course of drugs, pharmaceutical or recreational. They may be addicted to narcotics or alcohol, or both. Now is the time to take a grip of your life and assess what is working and not working!

Bowel State: Diahheah

What it looks like: lose, fast and urgent!

Loose bowels are the most significant sign you need to change your diet and lifestyle, especially if you oscillate between this state weekly. Time to detox and fast!

Bowel State: Undigested food 

What it looks like: Undigested food in your bowel.

Lots of things may be happening here. You may not be chewing, creating the cephalic response, sitting down to eat OR taking your time. You may not produce enough enzymes, HCL, or bile. You may have a food intolerance or, a state of inflammation in the digestive system or, an accumulation of toxins.

So what should your Bowles look like? A good bowel is beautiful; a perfect bowel should be well-formed and stay together on the descent. Going to the bathroom should be a moment you look forward to, and your bowels should pass with ease. You should not be embarrassed to frantically spray aerosol around the toilet, trying to cover up the toxicity from your body only to inadvertently contribute to climate change as your aerosols become a weapon on the ozone layer!

And lastly, you should be able to wipe without taking down the rain forest, flush once without starting a war on water and leave proudly knowing that your digestive system is in tip-top shape!

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